Founder of Aesthetic Lifestyle Atelier 

Hong Kong Aesthetic Lifestyle Entrepreneur | Curator
Beauty Rippler

Shadow believes  “Beauty is Everywhere" . With  the "Love Begets Love, Beauty Begets Beauty" concept, she injects "Smile Power" and "Beauty Energy" into her Aesthetic Lifestyle Brands, sharing her lifestyle philosophy of "Feel and Pursue Beauty" & “Nourish Lives with Beauty”

She is also a Cross-Boundary Lifestyle Artist, Author, Gourmet Designer, Ikebana Floral Artist, Tea Artist, Aroma Therapist & Flamenco Dance. 

She was nominated for YAZHOU ZHOUKAN'S 8TH GLOBAL OUTSTANDING YOUNG LEADERS ELECTION and  participated in several Charity projects;  Published Aesthetic Lifestyle and Gourmet Books such as "日日是好日" and "徘徊在幸福餐桌"; Held Personal Art of Floral & Pottery Exhibition "In Praise of Beauty"; Invited by the Hong Kong Museum of Art to participate in "LIFE ARTISTS" video series to share her aesthetic lifestyle. 

She also shares her  Aesthetic Lifestyle on  personal YouTube channel "Shadow Kwan 關琬潼 . 美與生活”.  Wishes to become a "Beauty Rippler" with Beauty as Daily Ritual.