About Smile 

​Let's Smile! 
A Hong Kong gourmet brand founded in 2010.
Smile™ serves a wide variety of eye-catching,
guilt-free & pick-me-up sweet delicacies.
A combination of Food Styling,
Fresh Fruits & Homemade Toppings,
Made-to-Order “Smile™ Frozen Greek Yogurt”,
Hong Kong handmade "Smile™ Sponge Sponge Cake" and 
“Smile™ Cookies” to "Make U Smile"
throughout the day with Comfort Food! 

Brand Story 

inspired by a travel of the founder,
Ms. Shadow Kwan.
She was tired while passing by a confectionery store
full of colourful desserts in different styles
that reminded her why everyone likes desserts:
Sweet, Healing, Surprising,
Making People Smile, Good Memories...
Whether you need to relax or relieve discomfort,
Desserts bring Happiness.
Shadow infuses the popular healthy breakfast item Greek Yogurt
with Creativity to create Delightful Desserts
that can Make People Smile ! 
Smile has shared over 2,000,000 cups of Froyo since 2010,
more happy delicacies are upcoming…

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會以Smile™ Froyo 的形象出現嗎?

Smile™ 是 2010 年由乳酪而起的甜點品牌



代表 Smile™ 內在「生生不息的快樂正能量」


顏色、形態,令人看到會快樂的 Smile™ 軟綿绵蛋糕;





Let’s Smile


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